My Experience With Acupuncture

By: Ryan Pettigrew

                I’ve practiced mindfulness meditation in addition to exercise for the last ten years on a consistent basis but still have been unable to completely get rid of the physical effects of stress. I push too hard trying to succeed and it took its toll, manifesting in some fairly serious stomach issues that lower my quality of life. I’ve wanted to get acupuncture done but was too cheap to even consider it until becoming successful, until the stomach issues started to effect productivity. Then, last week, while scouting possibilities for a photo shoot, I stumbled upon an acupuncture center and decided to go in.

I immediately sensed positive vibes walking through the door and set an appointment for the following week; excited but also somewhat anxious since it was something new. The stomach problems increased gradually as the day of the appointment drew nearer but I remained optimistic that this would address the cause rather than the symptoms like western medicine seems to do.

The day of my appointment came quickly and I filled out a medical history/symptom form while I waited. When I was done, I was greeted by the acupuncturist and told to take my shoes off. We walked into the back area where she asked me about my answers to the form so that she could properly assess my issues. She drew blood for the food allergen test and packaged it up to be sent to the lab, thinking that I may be allergic to gluten.

After a 30 minute discussion, she had me pull up my shirt and roll up my pant legs. She brought over a space heater and blanket to keep me warm then tore open a new package of acupuncture needles. She placed the needles in strategic places in my foot, face and stomach; where at first I winced in the anticipation of potential pain since I’m heavily tattooed but felt no pain at all. She left me alone for 30 minutes while I laid there in a state of deep relaxation.

When she came back, she took the needles out, which didn’t hurt at all, and my face tingled like it did in my deepest meditative sessions. I left the facility in a state of bliss and my stomach problems were gone immediately. She gave me some herbal pills and recommended that I come every week for acupuncture; something that I will follow religiously. Five days later, my stomach issues are still gone, and I’ve been a lot less stressed out, even in one of my most stressful weeks. For about $30 a session, this is the way to go and I strongly recommend this to anyone who is trying to find inner peace and health.

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